Election 2013

Dakshini is in the process of forming the New Executive Committee for 2013-2015. The following tentative timeline has been adopted by the Election Sub-Committee to form the New Committee. Updates will be provided via email or on Election 2013 webpage. Please contact the Election Sub-Committee if you have any questions (election@dakshini.org.)

Activity Scheduled Date
01 Nomination Process Starts 01/22/2013
02 Last date of mailing nomination paper. Post mark date should be no later than 02/11/2013 02/11/2013
03 Nomination papers opening date by Election Commissioner and preparation of candidate list 02/15/2013
04 E-mail to all nominees allowing them to withdraw his/her name no later than 02/19/2013 (Tuesday) 02/19/2013
05 Last date of e-mailing final list of nominated personnel by the Election Commissioner to each nominee along with voter list (if there is vote) 02/21/2013
06 Mailing ballot papers to all voters by the Election Commissioner begins 03/11/2013
07 Mailing ballot papers to all voters by Election Commissioner ends 03/16/2013
08 All votes should reach Dakshini's P.O.Box by mail, and postmark date should be no later than 03/30/2013 to reach on or before 04/04/2013 04/04/2013
09 Hand carry vote to "2535 West 237th Street, Suite 126, Torrance, CA 90505", Will be allowed from 12 noon to 2PM only. No exceptions** 04/06/2013
010 The election and count of votes will be held on April 06, 2013 in between 2 PM and 4 PM, depending on number of ballots* Venue: 2535 West 237th Street, Suite 126, Torrance, CA 90505 04/06/2013
011 Name of the Elected Committee will be published in Dakshini's Website on 04/07/2013
012 Official Hand-Over - Swearing in ceremony and charge hand over at El Segundo Library at 10 AM 04/14/2013

Dear Dakshini Members,

The Election of Dakshini Executive Committee 2013-2015 was held on April 6, 2013. The Election Sub Committee would like to officially declare the results to Dakshini’s community members.

Below are the Election results:

President: Mr. Arnab Chatterjee

Vice President: Mr. Siddhartha Dattagupta

Secretary: Mrs. Sharmila Dasgupta

Treasurer: Mr. Bidhan Ray

Executive Committee Members (4)*: Mr. Kaushik Biswas, Mrs. Nibedita Laha, Ms Sampurna Dube, Mr. Sourav Roy

*Anup Goswami is the other elected EC member from the 2012 elections.

The Election Subcommittee would like to congratulate all the nominees for their hard work and effort put towards this election to keep Dakshini running as a successful organization. With the continued support from all its members, Dakshini is looking forward to a bright and eventful future.

The Election Sub-Committee, 2013.

Election Sub-Committee***

i. Members: Riddhi Chakraborty, Dipanwita Banerjee and Sankar Das
ii. Advisor: Sajal Debnath
iii. Sub-Committee Office Volunteers: Sukrit Mukherjee & Swagato Ghosh.

***As adopted in General Body meeting held on February 16, 2013) – please refer Dakshini News.

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