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Why be a Dakshini member?

Dakshini Bengali Association of California is a nonprofit, charitable, cultural organization that conducts, coordinates and promotes cultural and social activities among people of Indian origin in Southern California on behalf of the Bengali community. Other than conducting several cultural events throughout the year we serve the community and the youth through various programs like Academy of Arts & Cultural Exchange, Homeless feeding, Youth panel, Science programs.

Dakshini is proud to be a member's organization. Dakshini’s board is an elected board of executive committee members, who work along with the board of advisors and volunteers to serve the community. Being a member not only gives you a sense of belonging and ownership, your support helps us continue our services. Benefit included in the membership are -

Total 12 meals
Durga Puja (Puja, 5 Meals, Entertainment)
Lakshmi Puja (Puja, Dinner and Entertainment)
Saraswati Puja (Puja, 2 Meals and Entertainment)
Dakshini Annual Picnic
Srabon Sandhya (Dinner and Entertainment)
Gala Holiday Party dinner
Holi / Poila Baisakh Meal
Free Advertisement in our souvenier for gold member and up
Participation opportunity at AACE program and other cultural events
Discounted Tickets to Special Events
Special Seating You get preferred seating in Durga Puja during Overseas star event and all Special Events conducted by Dakshini

Your membership fee is Tax Deductible