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Dakshini Bengali Association of California, a nonprofit, nonpolitical, charitable, educational and cultural organization was formed in August 1985 in Torrance, California, and is incorporated as a nonprofit tax-exempt organization since July 1986. It conducts, coordinates and promotes the community, cultural and social activities among the people of Indian origin in the USA and the people of other cultures on behalf of the Bengali community. It fosters friendship and understanding between the people of Bengali origin, Indian origin, and the Americans.

Dakshini conducts a Bengali school to teach Bengali language to children and as well as to provide students about the integrity of the Eastern Indian culture and philosophy through study, observation, and participation.

With over 1000 families involved today, Dakshini has grown considerably in these 27 years and continues to serve the people in America as well as people of their home state in India with its honest, dedicated intension and spirit into the next millennium.