Dakshini’s Program for Community Kids

( AACE )

Dakshini’s Program for Community Kids

With its family centric philosophy, it is only natural for Dakshini to acknowledge the importance of involving today’s kids in our cultural and service activities, so they could learn and pay it forward. Towards that end, Dakshini, through its Academy of Arts and Cultural Exchange (AACE), provides an annual platform for young creative minds to express their talents in theater, singing, dancing, music, etc.

This is yet another example of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam where massive plays are written anew every year in such a way as to allow roles for every interested child, sometime numbering more than forty in a single play. Four months of intense rehearsals are led by dedicated adults, while separate teams of costume makers, set prepares, music directors, lighting and projection specialists carry on their preparations simultaneously. The result is always the glowing success of touching all hearts and souls.

Dakshini’s Program for Funding NGOs in India


Dakshini’s Program for Funding NGOs in India

Serving the needy in India and in our local community. In India we have traditionally funded non-governmental organizations (NGO), hospitals, and charitable organizations. In the US, we hold bake sales, toy drives, feed the hungry, and breakfast for first responders in our local communities.

Dakshini’s Program for Rewarding Community Teens


Dakshini’s Program for Rewarding Community Teens

Rewarding community teens for excellence in academic, extracurricular, and volunteer activities. Dakshini is fortunate to have among its members a very active, talented and socially conscious youth group. Several of our members have for many years been offering monetary scholarships to college going freshmen, while the organization itself offers volunteer hours and certificates to participants.

Dakshini Youth Leadership Council


Dakshini Youth Leadership Council

Youth Leadership Program geared towards providing transformative programs for youth, helping them gain the confidence, leadership skills, and global perspective they need to lead change within themselves and their community. Volunteer certificates will be awarded; referrals and interview preparation assistance will be provided to each participant upon successful completion of the program.

Dakshini Youth Leadership (MILESTONE) ~ More Info:

As the older youth got busy, our future leaders did not waste a moment launching the much awaited MILESTONE program. Seal Beach got a whooping cleanse by our Milestone leaders. Heads down, spirits up, gloves tightly put, around 20 youth leaders worked relentlessly until the sand between their toes turned golden again. Talk about willpower! Kudos! Republic Services extended their partnership by providing bins for wastes. What a great way to celebrate World Environment Day!

From the South Bay to Orange County, Dakshini’s MILESTONE leaders joined together bright and early on Sunday, Aug 14th to recognize one of the most fearless stalwarts of our communities: our firefighters.

The day before, the kids hand-crafted gift bags consisting of home baked cookies, water bottles, sunscreen lotions, lip balms, facial cleansing clothes to give to the firefighters as a token of their heartfelt appreciation for their sacrifices to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Not only did our fellow young leaders got to meet the heroes of Torrance Fire Station #1, they got a specialized tour of the station from the firefighters themselves! They climbed aboard the ever-so recognizable red cruiser, received demonstrations on emergency protocols, and surveyed the on-the-job living quarters of the firefighters.

Dr. Vimal Murthy, Burn Unit Surgeon, Torrance Memorial Medical Centre was there to talk about fire safety and encouraged our leaders to build a relationship with our everyday heroes.

Dakshini Just Older Youth

( JOY )

Dakshini Just Older Youth

Senior Engagement Program where the older youth share their insights and life experiences, which advocates social participation and promotes a stronger bond with the immediate community and beyond. (Rides are being arranged for Seniors). ” Dakshini is committed to do more activities with our Seniors.

Dakshini Just Older Youth (JOY) ~ More Info:

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors- Dakshini launched its JOY (Just Older Youth) program on June 5th morning with the warm love and compassionate presence of its stalwarts and leaders beneath the blue sky and right beside the marine splashes in Seal Beach. Breakfast and coffee never tasted better before as it was shared by all sitting under the blue skies, reminiscing the past, relinquishing the present and welcoming the future.

From this day on every occasion Dakshini committee is arranging free rides for all our senior members as per request. From this day for all Dakshini events , Dakshini executive committee is trying to arrange rides for our Senior members as per their need.